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Hearth + Home: Home Cleansing Kit

Use this kit to cleanse and protect your space from negative energy or bad vibes. This kit is a perfect way to start off your spring cleaning and makes a wonderful housewarming gift.

Kit Includes: 

1 Cedar Herb Bundle – the magical properties of cedar are purification, healing, protection, and prosperity.

1 Black Beeswax House Candle (100% handcrafted, 100% beeswax) – black candles are often used for protection and absorbing negative energy.

1 Vial of Salt – the magical properties of salt are prosperity and protection. Salt is considered one of the most sacred minerals on earth and the use of salt as a protector can be found across many cultures over the course of history.

1 Brass Bell – bells have been used to guard doors and protect homes for hundreds of years. They are thought to ward off evil, protect from negative energy, and welcome good news

And a written ritual for cleansing and protecting your home.